PageRank is dead. Long live PageRank!

An experiment using the original PageRank document, Ahrefs backlink data, and a couple of brains

Sorry, our experiment is now over. If you're interested in SEO scores and data, visit Bulk SEO Metrics

Google Toolbar PageRank was officially turned off on Friday 18th April 2016. This meant that webmasters, website owners and the just plain curious were denied access to this useful metric, one of the signals that the search engine giant uses to rank pages. In a statement they commented that "PageRank is something that we haven't updated for over a year now, and we're probably not going to be updating it again gong forward, at least the Toolbar version." Whilst for years webmasters were used to quarterly updates to PageRank, the last time it was publicly updated was on Friday 6th December 2013.

Over the years thousands of webmasters have used PageRank to gauge the quality or strength of a web page or domain. Whilst relying on any metric has drawbacks, using PageRank as a 'desirability' score has been useful for many. We've personally looked at PageRank scores every working day for years, and so we thought that surely there must be a way to replicate the data that Google has kindly given us until recently. The original PageRank algorithm is freely available online, and extensive backlink database services are now commonplace. So, we put our heads together, and armed with our Ahrefs account API and some programming knowledge, have produced a system we're calling 'Pseudo PageRank (pPR)'. So far it seems capable of reproducing the PageRank scores of old, but using up-to-date link data. We've put up this public front-end as a beta test for the rest of the webmaster community to use, and to help test out what we've created.

More information on pPR will be available in the future (ie. when we get round to writing it!) but for now, here are some answers to some standard questions.

Q: What does the RAW score mean?
The RAW score is our way of scoring a URL, before converting it into a PageRank-like value. You'll see URLs with a high pPR having a vastly higher RAW score than lower pPR values. The bar below the RAW score represents how far into the current pPR value the URL is - a progress meter if you will of how far the URL needs to go in order to go up by one pPR point.

Q: Why can't I get pPR values for individual URLs?
Calculating the RAW score (and thus the pPR value) for so many URLs will need more resources than we're willing to give to a public-facing beta test, so for the time being we're only allowing the pPR value for domains/subdomains to be calculated via this site.

Q: Why am I getting a message saying I've run out of credits?
We're limiting the number of checks each person can make each day, in order to lessen server load. We'll probably be tweaking this value in the future.

Q: How do I get in touch with you?
If you want, you can email us, and we'll try and answer questions as best we can, though apologies if we don't. Get in touch via